Friday, September 4, 2009

A Saturday Evening....

Last Saturday.....

He was extremely quiet and concentrating on his driving more than he usually did. I hated this. He was being so indifferent not just that day but from past few days. He was my best friend before I felt.... what the heck he still is my best friend (atleast I consider him). Even when I used to come to here for holidays we used to spend almost everyday together talking about everything and yet today i felt so distant from him. I dint feel so distant even when i wasn't here. We used to call each other and talk way into the night and on weekends look at the sunrise and then sleep. I looked at him and he still doesn't notice. Its like i am not even there. I got really frustrated.

"If you were planning on keeping so quiet why the hell did you ask me for dinner"?

"You can talk, you know".

I wasn't interested. I started looking out of car window again.

"Where are we going"? The restaurant I thought he was taking me to was long gone behind us.

"To my friends house".

"Why? I am not coming. Who is this friend anyway?"

"We are just picking him up. Want to listen to music?" It was his way of ending a conversation.

"Fine". I pick a Kaminey Cd and put it into the deck. If he wants to be a jerk... let him be. I don't care.

After a while we are in front of one of our friends home and he opens the door for me. Whats the point of being chivalrous when he is being a jerk.

"I am not coming", I said crossing my hands.

"Come on... it wont be long. I promise". He starts to pull me out.

"Ouch! Don't hurt me, I will come".

"Oops, Sorry. Did i hurt you"?

"Yes". But he hurt my feelings more than that.

We get into the building and he opens the door of the flat with the keys.

"Isn't he home"? I can smell something fishy now. Its not my birthday for a surprise party... no, it cant be a surprise party.

After I enter, I am speechless. The room is decorated with roses, candles and the whole setting is so beautiful. He then smiles at me. I looked at him but I am shocked.

He turns to me and opens his mouth.

"No, don't say it".

"But I do...".

"I know you do. I need some time".

With that I got out of there. I just looked back once and I could see he was hurt.

He dint call and neither did I. We work in the same office (different buildings) but still we were successful of not running into each other. I wasn't ready. I was sure it would be a rejection.

Today -

I was driving back from office. I made a decision and I had to tell him. I knew he was home, I checked so I started to drive towards his home. His parents were out of town.... perfect.

I knocked on the door and he opened. He was wearing 3/4ths and a T- shirt. I smiled at him and he gave me a weak smile.

"Can I come in"?

"Yes ofcourse..... you don't have to ask". I could sense that he was still hurt. That would make it even more difficult for me to say what I want to say.

"About last Saturday....."

"Forget it. I was stupid. I thought you liked me but i guess I was wrong". He wasn't even looking at me.

"I do, I do like you but"

"But you don't love me. I know you came here to say we can be friends and all that. What ever you like".

I was getting irritated. He was cutting me every time I tried to say something. Finally I yelled and said -

"I Love You. I came here to say yes but I guess your not ready to listen. So when were you are ready give me a call".

I started to turn and walk away and pulled me into his arms and whispered the 3 magical words "I love you".

Ps - He gifted me a diamond ring which is shining on my finger.

PPS - I thought I was the 1st to know this but it turns out he spoke to my parents and even his (we have blessing of both) before doing anything and all of ours friends were involved. I am disappointed with this though.


Harini on September 6, 2009 at 12:11 AM said...


Congo :)

HaRy!! on September 6, 2009 at 4:04 AM said...

very beautifully written... and the ring:) of course shining yes!

Mishika on September 9, 2009 at 6:15 AM said...

Is this for real!! I thought this only happened in books and movies! :D

Congrats! God bless you both..

Anonymous said...

Lovely post this is and the happening s too!

Wish u both have a rocking life together for a long long years!

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rohini on January 4, 2010 at 2:06 AM said...

nicely writen...i can understnd the magical moment that time....

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