Sunday, October 25, 2009

What's Your Five

It’s Sunday night and my Stupid Boyfriend felt that he has been spending way too much time with me and needed to have a Guys Night with just his Guys. When I asked him what was this all about, he said that it was none of my business as I am a Girl (i never knew that.... seriously). But knowing my guy who neither drinks nor smokes I am sure he is watching his friends do that and regretting not going on a romantic dinner with me (I hope). As my BF completely deserted me and left me ragging mad, I decided to stay home. My Dad is hooked to the TV and my Mum is in gossiping with our neighbors as usual. So, here I am all alone on a Sunday evening. When i logged in, none of my friends were online and I decided to read their blogs which ofcourse I have been ignoring. When I read them I actual enjoyed them and felt like awarding them with some awards. So, I searched around and found perfect awards for them. But wait! They won’t get them so easily.... they have to do this tag before accepting these awards (hahaha! I told you, I will get back at you all the tags, you tag me and torture me to do). The rule is very simple, do this tag and take the awards.

1) 5 things that you grab before you leave home -


My Car Keys

My cell phone

My I-pod

My sunglasses.

2) 5 Confessions that you wanna make –

When I was young, I wanted my mum to buy me a nail polish and she refused. So I went ahead and stole it. After I got back, my mum did give me beating of a life time.

Once, I gave a wrong number of my friend to a guy because I liked him and I dint want them to hook. Eventually they both did hook up and are now married. I am best friends with both of them now.

I am total push over… I am sucker to all emotional drama and give in easily (shit! I just revealed my weakness too).

I am proud about my cooking skills and don’t like anyone meddling with the system.

I am a cleanliness freak too… hate to see mess around.

3) 5 Things that you use every day (leaving the essentials out)-

My Apple Laptop

My Apple I-Pod (I love Apple, Fan Man!)

My Santro Car – Yeah, Hum Santro wale hai (btw got the car because it had SRK)

My Apple I-phone

My Shades (they are now like a part of my body).

4)5 Animals you wish to have as pets-

Dogs (which I already do)





5)5 Things that I am scared of-


Emotional Drama’s


Blood (that’s the only reason I chose a math stream)


6)5 songs I am hooked to right now –

Total Eclipse of my heart

The way you look tonight

Something about the way you look tonight

Beautiful in my eyes

Nothing’s gonna change my love for you.

The love bug has finally bit me I suppose: P.

7)5 Things/people that cheer me up-






8)5 things I wanna do/learn-


Open my own restaurant

Learn directing

Open a home for street dogs


9)5 Things I would blow dollars on if I win a lottery-

Buy a brand new Tata Safari

Shop until I can’t shop any more (which includes gifts for family and friends)

Go to Paris

Buy a bigger place

Get another dog.

10)5 things you are addicted to-

My BF – I know he isn’t a thing but I am addicted to him.


Cooking – my Bf says that he is the luckiest :D

Ice creams


11)5 Super powers you wish you had –

Power to become invisible, just so that I could what the is my BF doing tonight.

Power to heal people.

Power to manipulate people’s minds and stop all the wars and get some peace into this world.

Power to fly.

Power to time travel (that would be fun, I could win so many lotteries or something more less selfish than that :P).

12)5 biggest Pet Peeves-

Being stuck behind a slow driver

Bitching about people behind their back


Vulgar language

Untidy place.

Now, for the awards. These go out to Rini , Ash , Akki , Sonia and Shruthi.


Harini on October 28, 2009 at 6:22 AM said...

I will do this tag.. just because the awards are attached.

Archana on October 28, 2009 at 7:16 PM said...

First time here, and I have to say Apple is the bestestest for all their techy gadgets. :) I lovee my iPod touch!

Cute 5's. :)

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